Shimano 21 Twin Power XD 4000 HG


Model Gear Ratio Weight
Ball Bearings Drag capacity
Handle length
Line Capacity
4000HG 5.8:1 245g 8.8oz 10+1 11kg 95cm 37.4″ 55mm 0.330mm(JP16lb, US12lb)-150m(165y)


Shimano 2021 Twin Power XD offers both weight-less comfort and advanced durability. This XD model is the less priced version of Vanquish in the Magnum Light «MGL» series. Following three features are different from 20 Twin Power, Magnum Light (Ci4+) rotor, Barrier Coat spool ring and Carbon cloth heat resistant washers, to offer lighter handle turn.
Its spool stroke is longer than previous 2017 model, and it is now the same as that of high-end Stella, to be able to cast as long. Gear teeth are micro-module to remove noise. Major moving components are tuned to reduce noise in operation.
Magnum Light, MGL concept
Aluminum alloy main frame
Reinforced CI4+ engineering plastic body cover and rotor
Barrier Coat Spool Ring
Carbon cloth heat resistant washers
X-SHIP gear system
Mocro-module gear 2
Long stroke spool system
Rigid support drag system
Machined cold forged light weight spools
X-protect water repellant body system
Rotor brake in casting
AR-C long cast, trouble free spool
SR one-piece bail wire
S A-RB corrosion resistant ball bearings
Carbon cloth washers
Saltwater fine
Made in Japan